Viggle Tips

Viggle Inc. is a mobile based entertainment marketing platform that provides incentives in the form of loyalty points to users for performing certain tasks, such as watching tv, viewing mobile ads, listening to music, and more. Users can redeem their loyalty points for rewards such as gift cards, music downloads, household and electronic items, etc.

Here is a rundown of some of the Viggle basics:

  • One account per person.
  • Anyone in the household can have their own Viggle account (over the age of 13).
  • You’re allowed to register up to 5 devices over the course of time with Viggle. I have heard that if you go over the 5 device limit (such as upgrading to a new phone every year, etc), you can email them and ask them to wipe a few of the devices from your history. You can only be logged into 1 device at a time, but can register up to 5 over the course of time.
  • You can connect 4 Viggle accounts to one DIRECTV account.
  • You can be checked into tv shows up 12 hours a day. You will not earn points for any check-ins after 12 hours. A viggle day is 3 am – 2:59 am ET.
  • You’re allowed 6,000 total points a day, which includes watch points and bonus points. Note: During the 2014 football season they have temporarily raised the daily limit to 12,000 points to compensate for Viggle Football.
  • You can check into 20 songs in a day at 100 points each. These count towards your daily 6,000 limit.
  • You can watch up to 200 Wetpaint videos a day at 50 points each. These count towards your daily 6,000 limit.
  • Shows can be DVR’d and checked into up to five days after the airing to earn bonus points. Note: If the show is part of a Streak or Quest you need to check into the show at the time of airing in your time zone for at least 10 minutes to qualify for the Streak or Quest bonus points.
  • You can check into a show manually if it is not recognized automatically after 3 attempts. Sporting events and shows one hour or less are eligible for manual check-ins. However, if you check into a show manually you will not get bonus points nor will it count towards Streak or Quest bonus points.


Viggle allows you to check into up to 20 songs per day, and you will receive 100 points per song (2,000 points)!

  • You will not get checked out of any tv shows you are checked into when checking into songs
  • The 100 points per song are added to your daily total. (Remember you have a 6,000 point daily limit normally, but during football season they have raised the daily limit to 12,000.)
  • If you try to match more than 20 songs it will notify you that you have already matched your 20 songs for the day (no more points until next day)
  • You can only check into a song one time ever. If you try to check into it again it will notify you that you have already matched the song (no more points)

iOS users: The songs that you check into can be found in “My Music”. When you click on a song, scroll down to the bottom of the next page to use your points to purchase the song in the Viggle Store. Or, click the link to buy the song on iTunes.

  • You will get 1,000 bonus points per purchase in the iTunes store
  • Allow up to 14 days for your points to be credited in your Points History
  • Tip: An album purchase counts as 1 purchase. You may want to purchase each song individually to get the 1,000 points per song (just depends on the cost and if you want “all” of the songs from the album.)
  • The 1,000 points do not count toward your daily 6,000 point total

Viggle allows you to earn points by watching videos on – up to 10,000 points a day! You can watch 200 videos a day worth 50 points each.

  • You must have a facebook account to log into Wetpaint and get Viggle points
  • Your Facebook email address must be the same as the email you registered with Viggle. You can always check your Facebook setting and change your email address.
  • Videos are worth 50 points each
  • You must watch the entire video to get points
  • After each video you will get a popup confirming your Viggle points


  • Go to
  • Click on “Video” at the top
  • Look for the videos with the purple section and the +50 in the lower left corner as shown here (this is an older pic from when videos were only worth +20 but the look is still the same):


  • After you watch the first video, you’ll get a pop up window asking you to login with your Facebook account.
  • When you have logged in, continue watching the +50 videos for as long as you wish. (You will need to scroll down after each video and click on the next one.)
  • Your points will post immediately in the Points History in the Viggle app


Nextguide is owned by Viggle, which makes it another source for Viggle points. Visit the web site, log in/create an account with the same email address you used for your Viggle account, and set reminders for the shows you want to watch. You will get an email once the show is set to air.  When you “open” the email reminder, you will get 20 bonus points awarded at the end of the month. You will only get points for opening a reminder email “once” per month per show. You don’t get points for opening same show reminder each time you get an email per month. These points will count toward your daily 6,000 point limit when posted.

Ads/What’s On Section

Every day you should scroll through the “What’s On” section of the app. In fact, I highly recommend checking it at different times throughout the day. There will be ads posted in the carousel, which change throughout the day or after you watch one. You can also click each show, and it will pull up the show page which usually has an ad on it.

Tip: At midnight ET, start browsing the “What’s On” carousel. The ads reset for the next day at this time, and you can usually score some big point ads – possibly anywhere from 100 to 225 points each! If you see a 5 point ad, click on it, and sometimes after the ad ends and then reloads, there could possibly be a big point ad next. Some advertisers request that ads only be shown during primetime on the viggle app. So, also be on the lookout for new ads beginning at 7pm ET.

Ad watching do’s and don’ts:

  • Click any ad and watch it once for points.
  • Repeatedly watching the same ad won’t earn you more points, and can possibly get you suspended for fraud.
  • Once the ad finishes, the white ad area refreshes/reloads and you will often see a pop up that tells you that you earned bonus points. Wait for the refresh/reload.
  • If the same ad comes up after the refresh, it is ok to watch it again.
  • If a different ad comes up you can proceed with the new ad as well.

Streaks and Quests

Streaks and Quests are another way to earn big points from Viggle.

  • Streaks: You will be encouraged to watch and check into a certain number of episodes of a specific show in order to earn streak points.
  • Quest: You will be encouraged to watch and check into particular episodes of different shows (or movies) in order to earn quest points.

We post current Streaks or Quests on our Streaks and Quests page found in the menu bar. Guidelines will be posted for each. You will need to check into the live airing in your time zone of a Streak or Quest show in order to qualify for it, and you will need to stay checked in at least 10 minutes.

Gift Card Tips

Amazon gift cards: When I redeem my points for an amazon gift card, as soon as I get the code I log into my amazon account and apply the credit. You can choose to use the credit on your next purchase, or I let mine build up over time for larger purchases – your choice. Just make sure and apply the credit to your account immediately so that you don’t forget or lose the code.

Best Buy gift cards: You can print out your gift card codes and take them in to your local Best Buy to compile them on one gift card. You will need to go to the customer service desk to do this. Also, some Best Buys let you use your gift card codes in store to purchase other gift cards they have for sale. Not all cards and stores are eligible for this so ask first.

JCPenney gift cards: If your local JCPenney has a Sephora inside, most of these accept a JCPenney gift card for items too.

Sephora gift cards: You can use 2 Sephora gift cards at a time for online purchases. However, you can call Sephora with your order and you will be able to use more than 2 with phone orders.