Viggle PrimeTime Schedule 1/29/15

viggle schedule


  • NBA: NY Knicks at Indiana Pacers – MSG (7pm-9:30pm) 10X MSG Streak MyGuy


  • The Big Bang Theory “The Anxiety Optimization” – CBS (8pm-8:30pm) 6X Viggle Live
  • Grey’s Anatomy “Where Do We Go From Here?” – ABC (8pm-9pm) 4X
  • The Biggest Loser “Live Finale” – NBC (8pm-10pm) 6X Viggle Live
  • Fury – DTV Cinema (8pm-2am) 15X DirecTV Customer Bonus
  • Tracers – DTV Cinema (8pm-2am) 15X DirecTV Customer Bonus


  • Two and a Half Men “A Beer-Battered Rip-Off” – CBS (9pm-9:30pm) 4X Viggle Live
  • Backstrom “Bella” – FOX (9pm-10pm) 4X
  • Scandal “Run” – ABC (9pm-10pm) 4X


  • How to Get Away With Murder “Hello Raskolnikov” – ABC (10pm-11pm) 4X Viggle Live

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