Viggle PrimeTime Schedule 10/31/14

viggle schedule

Happy Halloween!

12 pm

  • The Rich Eisen Show (3hrs) 5x DirecTV customers

7:00 pm

  • Beetlejuice (2hrs) Viggle Live 

8 pm

  • The Amazing Race “I Feel Like I Just Kissed A Goat” (1hr) 2Viggle Live 

9 pm

  • Shark Tank (1hr) 2x Viggle Live
  • Grimm “Octopus Head” (1hr) 2x Viggle Live
  • Ghost Adventures “Ireland’s Celtic Demons” (2hrs) 2x

10 pm

  • Blue Bloods “Most Wanted” (1hr) 2x Viggle Live
  • Constantine “The Darkness Beneath” (1hr) 2x Viggle Live

All times are ET

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