Quick and Easy Way To Get 30 Swagbucks!

swagbucks read

Here is a way to earn a quick and easy 30 Swagbucks!

  1. Log into your Swagbucks account
  2. Go to the top of the page under the “Discover” tab and click “Read”
  3. Hover over the picture of each book cover for instructions and swagbucks bonus amount

Most books require you to click over to the book web site (will open in new window), and then click the “read excerpt button”. A new window will open for you to read about the book, and your Swagbucks bonus will post immediately. Last month, a couple of them required me to watch a short video instead of reading an excerpt.

I have found that most books are worth 5 credits, and there are 6 books available. I just did this for the first time last month, and 1 new book was posted during the month (after I had read the initial 6), but the rest stayed the same until the next month (6th of the month). Each offer can be completed one time. Must be your first time completing each offer to receive SB.

Tip: Since this is such a quick way to earn Swagbucks (and since the books seem to stay the same for the month), I usually wait to read one on a day where I am close to my goal but I am running out of time.

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